We believe one teacher can make a difference.You.

Light Blue Learning

A Neuroscience-based Classroom Wellness Program for K-12 Teachers


We know managing a classroom is tough. We exist to make it easier for you!

Colleen R. from Buffalo, NY
“I love the array of information given through Light Blue Learning. It is a database that a teacher can use to find a solution to most problems. I can't imagine a teacher not wanting a tool like this.”
Crystal M. from Jackson, MS
“Light Blue Learning is an outstanding resource for educators who strive to create a learning environment where students feel connected to themselves and the world around them.”

How to Create a Healthy Classroom


Find strategies

Match healthy strategies according to your students’ behaviors from the four domains in SNAP (Structured, Neuroscience-based, Academic-based, and Personal).


Improve student behavior

Heal the negative effects caused by trauma through small, daily and consistent strategies and increase well-being.


Create safety through relationships

Build healthy relationships with your students by using Neuroscience-based strategies that calm their nervous system so they can learn.


Make Self Care A Priority

We recommend learning self care for two reasons. First, to be your best self, you have to take care of yourself. It’s okay. Second, to reflect calm, you have to be your best self. Your best is all you can do. And that’s okay, too!