Light Blue Learning's Online Wellness Program for K-12 Teachers

Teaching is tough. It affects a teacher's body, mind and emotions. That's why we created a way for teachers to take care of their own well-being so they can be 100% present for their students.

The life of a teacher both in and out of the classroom is unique. During the day, teachers are always on the go. They bring their work home with students always on their minds. It’s just the nature of the profession. That’s why we created a Wellness Program specifically designed for K-12 teachers - to help bolster the health and wellness of professionals that are always on the go.

Light Blue Learning identified 4 areas that can have a positive impact on how teachers interact with their students.

Light Blue Learning’s Online Wellness Program starts with a Wellness Survey that collects information in 4 areas: Self-care, Classroom Management, Adult Social-Emotional Learning and Support Systems.

Wellness Survey

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My Wellness

Wellness Tracks

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Self-care includes sleep, diet and exercise, spirituality/sense of self in the world, fun with family and friends and hobbies.

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management includes student-teacher relationships, structure of the classroom, emotional regulation of the students, how well students are learning and how respectful students are to the teacher and each other.

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Adult Social-emotional Learning involves tolerance levels, conflict, emotional exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, and secondary trauma.

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Support Systems

Support Systems includes support from administration, co-workers, affinity groups, family/friends/significant others, and parents/community.

How does wellness affect each of these areas?


Your own self-care is important in and of itself. However, your students and colleagues want you to stay healthy as well. They miss you when you get sick and are absent.Your students will show you this in their own special way with the substitute teacher.

Classroom Management
Only a calm brain can calm a distressed brain. When a student is acting up in class or has shut down, effective co-regulation can only occur when a teacher's brain is regulated. Therefore, a teacher needs to take good care of herself in order to be prepared for these situations. She sets the tone for the whole class.

Adult Social-Emotional Learning
Adults are humans, too. They get angry, frustrated and their feelings get hurt, too. However, they are the adult and therefore, the person responsible for recognizing their emotions and finding a way to bring their body back to a state of calm.

Support Systems
Teachers rely on each other for emotional support. It is important to have a support system somewhere to find and provide adult co-regulation for each other. It helps keep the school's tone calm.

Each section has 5 tracks with goals to help you focus on areas that can improve your wellness. Throughout the tracks are questions that will help teachers build their own personalized wellness plan. This printable customized plan keeps your goals front and center and helps you stay focused while achieving the level of wellness that you deserve.

Note: This is a screen shot of our sleep track.

The tracks can be completed in order or can be chosen from the Wellness Path. While your Wellness Score may not have indicated an area of need, Light Blue’s tracks are designed to help you grow in understanding and practice, no matter your score. Here is part of the path:

Note: This is a screen shot of our Self-Care Wellness path.

This is Elby (“LB” - short for Light Blue.) He will guide you along the path.

Scattered throughout the activities are research-based mindfulness activities to help you reach your goals.

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