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On the next page, you will find hundreds of strategies for different behaviors your students may be struggling with managing.

​ All of these strategies are healing-based which means they help you create safety for the student. This helps you build a relationship with the student based on trust which is the most important step for helping a student learn to manage their behavior.

​ If you have taken our Classroom Management Style Quiz, your blind spots will be revealed when it comes to how you address the student when they are exhibiting the behavior. You can choose strategies from the domains you may not be familiar with or comfortable with using yet.
If you have not taken the quiz, consider taking it here. ​

When you find strategies, save them by creating a profile for the student. You can come back to your dashboard as a reminder of which strategies you are using and to take notes about how they are working.

And if they are not working, you can come back to the list and choose more to try.

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